Reforestation with Yogacycled – Tanzania

Hi there! We donate $1 from each order made on the Yogacycled website towards the reforestation project of your choice. We are really grateful to have such amazing support from our customers and if you haven’t joined the Yogacycled family yet shop now and we will plant a tree for you next month. Let’s make our planet great again!


This month we choose to support a reforestation project in Tanzania, to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, poverty, and drought. Reforestation in Tanzania will help to support contrie’s rich biodeversity, combat climate change and support people living there.

What impact does it have?

The trees will provide food, fodder, fruits, fuel, building materials as well as windbreaks and shade. They also absorb carbon as they grow, thus reducing the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is driving climate change. The shade and water retention reduce soil temperatures, improve soil moisture, water supply, and crop yields. The other agricultural improvements improve the soil carbon, and thus improve fertility and production.

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Love, Yogacycled team xxx