Reforestation with Yogacycled – Honduras

Hi there! We donate $1 from each order made on the Yogacycled website towards the reforestation project of your choice. We are really grateful to have such amazing support from our customers and if you haven’t joined the Yogacycled family yet shop now and we will plant a tree for you next month. Let’s make our planet great again!


This month we choose to support a reforestation project in Honduras. Reforestation is a major challenge for Honduras since 1990, around 45% of Honduras’ natural forests have disappeared. There are still a lot of hotspots of biodiversity but illegal loggings and changes in land use for commercial production and livestock farming put these hotspots in danger.

What impact does it have?

One Tree Planted and their amazing partners will plant 500,000 trees of varying native species. This project focuses on repairing critical ecosystems, improving the quality and availability of water, increasing rural farmer productivity, diversifying farmer incomes, and establishing long-term ecosystem restoration activities with the community, including the creation of community nurseries and training community members on sustainable forest nursery management.

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Love, Yogacycled team xxx