Reforestation with Yogacycled – Romania

Hi there! We are back with our monthly reforestation project update. We donate $1 from each order made on the Yogacycled website towards the reforestation project of your choice. We are really grateful to have such amazing support from our customers and if you haven’t joined the Yogacycled family yet shop now and we will plant a tree for you next month. Let’s make our planet great again!


We have alredy planted trees in various places such as India, Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras and many more.  This month we gave a you a choise of a few European contries. We have never planted trees in Europe before and we are really grateful for our partner One Tree Planted for expanding the list of countries that needs our help with planting trees. Thank you for your votes on our Stories on Instagram (Help us chose the next reforestation project @yogacycled_wear) this month we are planting trees in Romania. Climate change and shifts in agricultural practices have left large swathes of Romania’s lowlands abandoned. Without people to manage the land, soil erosion and degradation of the landscape is starting to take its toll. This planting project takes place around the picturesque UNESCO world heritage site Sighișoara, made up of 13th century Romanian Saxon villages. This area will be transformed into healthy forests and the awareness will be rised about the importance of proper land management to ensure these forests are well maintained.

What impact does it have?

Planting trees in degraded areas will restore ecosystems, prevent soil erosion, and allow wildlife to return to the area. Revitalizing the natural environment of Romania is an important step in helping regulate the local climate and improve water retention for nearby villages. The awareness will be raised in communities about the importance of protecting the environment. Popular tree species in this area will include Beech, Spruce, Ash, and Sycamore Maple.

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Love, Yogacycled team xxx