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How much of a Discount
Will My Network Get?
You will be offered a 10% discount code that can be shared with your friends, family members and followers anywhere. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.
Do I Get Anything For All My Friends
Who Purchase Yogacycled wear?
Of course, you do! For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends, you will receive a 10% commission in store credit so for a $100.00 order you’d get $10.00 to spend at our Yogacycled store. We always look to our brand ambassadors first when opportunities arise for social media campaigns, events, and photo shoots. You’ll also be the first to know about new product releases.

Responsibilities of being
a Brand Ambassador

As a Yogacycled ambassador you will receive a unique code for 30% OFF your first order. After receiving your order you can start promoting Yogacycled throughout your community and social media platforms. Sharing your photos and videos of you wearing Yogacycled clothing when practicing yoga or just following your fitness journey. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community.

Here are the specifics of our online marketing requirements:

  • Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you wearing Yogacycled at least every other week. Remember visual context and quality of content are incredibly important… this will increase the power of promotion and help drive your earnings you will receive!
  • Include links to our website or social media accounts and information about Yogacycled; including sharing your unique and exclusive discount code.

Become a Yogacycled Brand Ambassador!

We choose ambassadors based on enthusiasm and engagement with your community. Writing, photography and social media skills are important but mostly we’re looking for inspiration and involvement! You’re representation as an ambassador is simple: to passionately represent the spirit of Yogacycled. Are you looking forward to this opportunity and becoming a part of the Yogacycled tribe?

We’re excited to hear from you, please fill out the Yogacycled ambassador application today!

Become a Yogacycled ambassador and you will get the first insights into our new collections, news and promotions.

Contact us at if you have any questions.