Reforestation with Yogacycled – October

Hi there! This is our 5th month of planting trees with a non-profit organization One Tree Planted! We donate $1 from each order made on Yogacycled website towards the reforestation project of your choice. We are really grateful to have such amazing support from our customers and if you haven’t joined the Yogacycled family yet shop now and we will plant a tree for you next month. Let’s make our planet great again!


This month you helped us choose to plant trees in Australia. Australia is home to some of the most unique plants and animals in the world, more than 80% of species not found anywhere else. One of the last places that native threatened species can thrive in the southern island of Tasmania. Unfortunately, centuries of farming in Tasmanian midlands have depleted habitat and reduced biodiversity. With not enough places to find shelter or food, some of Australia’s endangered endemic species – including the iconic Tasmanian Devil – are at further risk. Planting trees in Tasmania will protect biodiversity, stimulate tourism and create jobs.

What impact does it have?

One Tree Planted has amazing partners in Australia who will create wildlife corridors with local vegetation and tree species from the Eastern Tiers to Central Highlands of Tasmania. Beyond protecting the habitats of seven endangered species, the longterm goals for this project are to establish 1.5 million native plants and sequester over 30,000 tonnes of carbon by 2030. Rebuilding these corridors will also help strengthen the environment against the impact of climate change, now and into the future.

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Love, Yogacycled team xxx