Yogacycled partnering for sustainability with Inclusive Trade, UK

At Yogacycled we are very grateful to work with amazing partners all around the world who support us on the way to a more sustainable and inclusive world. Today we want to share with you a story about our impactful cooperation with, a London-based platform that promotes artisans and independent brands with a strong focus on sustainability, gender inclusivity, craft preservation and community support. 

Co-founder of Yogacycled Anastasia met inspiring trade experts and entrepreneurs Rupa Ganguli and Emma Dick, from Inclusive Trade in April 2019 at the Manchester Om Yoga Show. Shortly after the first meeting, Yogacycled was selected to join the existing global network built by Rupa over years of international trade and development. Yogacycled products are sold on Inclusive Trade platform along with other sustainable products made in India, Guatemala, Nigeria, etc.

Yogacycled featured on Inclusive Trade Inclusive Times newspaper


Our partnership with Inclusive Trade goes beyond e-commerce. It is also about a co-creation of valuable content to promote sustainable production, consumption and trade, as well as sustainable lifestyle globally. 

Earlier this month Yogacycled followed Inclusive Trade to the World Trade Organization Public Forum in Geneva, where Rupa spoke about sustainable and inclusive trade on several panels and workshops. Anastasia was invited to participate in a workshop co-hosted by the Global Innovation Forum and Inclusive Trade. The workshop looked into how the next generations of entrepreneurs and innovators operate globally in a world of trade tensions and increasingly complex trade barriers. 

Anastasia, Emma and Rupa at Inclusive Trade pop-up, WTO forum, Geneva


Rupa Ganguli and experts from Switzerland, UK and Uruguay shared their views on the future of trade. Inclusive Trade presented “Are you listening” a short film capturing the thoughts, concerns and challenges of millennial and generation Z consumers and entrepreneurs for the first time during the workshop. 

We are happy to speak the same language of “sustainability” and “inclusiveness” with our partner, Inclusive Trade. At Yogacycled we hope to build more of this type of impactful and meaningful cooperations globally. We are very grateful to Rupa and Emma for all the amazing opportunities and support they showed to Yogacycled. If you care about our Planet and if Inclusive Trade mission resonates with you go ahead to or visit their studio in London and support these wonderful ladies in all possible ways. Thank you!