Yogacycled talks sustainability at ‘Meet and Pitch’ night

Last month Yogacycled was lucky to be selected as one of 10 women-founded and run start-ups to pitch at the ‘Meet and Pitch’ night in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. A small charming town on Geneva Lake with postcard-perfect views of the mountains for one night became a buzzing spot to gather inspiring women sharing their empowering stories.

Oxana Saimo, a co-founder of Yogacycled, sustainable activewear brand, shared the story and inspiration behind the startup, advocating for sustainability and speaking about the importance of slow fashion. 

Oxana Saimo shares about the story behind Yogacycled
Photo credit: Jane del Pozo

The event was hosted by an insurance broker and expert Jenny Goodwin with Coaches and Community Leaders Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano of Salt Consulting, who succeeded in creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere for both pitch presenters and the audience.    

Repurposing plastic bottles into yoga attire – how a natural catastrophe inspired a beautiful business idea.

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Meet and Pitch night in Switzerland
Photo credit: Jane del Pozo

Such fun engagement from collaborators, pitching businesses and participants alike.

Michelle Guiliano, Co-Founder at Salt Consulting & Communications

On that night 10 entrepreneurs from diverse fields and backgrounds got together to pitch their businesses – all focused on tackling important environmental and social problems. What a wonderful opportunity for Yogacycled to advocate for sustainability, gather feedback and ideas about other valuable small businesses. ‘Meet and Pitch’ night made it possible for all amazing entrepreneurs to share their stories about bringing a positive and lasting impact in Switzerland and beyond.

Photo credit: Jane del Pozo

Oxana’s pitch received great feedback from the audience who got amazed by the fact that Yogacycled leggings are produced from recycled plastic bottles, 25 PET bottles per pair to be exact, isn’t that amazing? Also, the fellow entrepreneurs and the audience alike welcomed Yogacycled reforestation action. Indeed we have been planting trees in Peru, India, Brazil and Canada since June 2019. A big thank you to all our clients and followers for your contributions and help to choose the reforestation project of the month. Many more places in the world need your meaningful action.


Let’s keep plastic waste out of our oceans and beat deforestation together. Thank you!

Anastasia & Oxana xx