Introducing Our New Collection – Pre-Order is Available Now

We are so excited to present to you our new collection!

featuring strelitzia leggings

Three new hand-drawn designs that took us month and month planning, drawing and planning again to finally release them.

We have been (im)patiently waiting for the new collection to arrive and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with you! The buttery soft fabric made from recycled plastic bottles feels like a second skin! It is soft, smooth and breathable to allow you to wear the new leggings from studio to street. These leggings are made in a new ankle length and have a higher front and back rise for extra comfort.

First up…Strelitzia Leggings

In this flowery collection, we wanted to feature some of our favorite flowers. We love the contrasting dark colors to emerald green and the symmetrical strelitzia flowers and green tropical leaves on both of the legs.  The Strelitzia Leggings are a perfect pair for someone who loves dark colors but still wants to stand out.

Peonies Leggings

Bright and gentle watercolor peonies beautifully matching the blue background. You will spend some time looking through the small details of each flower and noticing all the beautiful shapes that we used in each flower petal. The design has a symmetrical print on both legs.

Dream Catcher Leggings

Bright and bold colors of our Dream Catcher Leggings will definitely inspire you to work out or go to yoga. Be ready to have a few heads turned when you are wearing these leggings. The dream catcher is featured alongside beautiful pink flowers. The print is placed on the left leg.

All three designs are available for pre-order now. By pre-ordering your pair now we will avoid overproduction and order the right amount of leggings from our manufacturer.  The new leggings are available for an early bird price. Get them now! Plus we plant a tree from each order.